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Medicine Ball Workouts

Medicine Ball Squat + Oblique Twists – Start standing with your feet wider than shoulder width apart, and holding the medicine ball in your hands. Sit your hips back into a squat then bring the ball down to your RIGHT side, just outside your knee. Make sure you’re twisting from your torso and engaging your obliques. Then press through the heels to stand back up, and twist the ball up and over to the LEFT at the top. Lower back down to your squat, bringing the ball to the RIGHT. Then repeat for 15 repetitions on each side.

Medicine Ball Mountain Climbers – Bring the medicine ball down to the mat, then come into a plank position with your hands on top of the ball. (This will challenge your stability and abs even more than usual!) Keep stable on the medicine ball, then use your lower abs to pull your RIGHT knee in towards your chest. Then step your RIGHT foot back into your plank, and repeat to pull your LEFT knee in. Continue alternating knees as quickly as possible, but make sure you maintain stability and that your hips and shoulders don’t wiggle too much. Complete 20 repetitions on each side.

Medicine Ball Roll Ups – Now lay on your back, holding the ball in your hands overhead, and your legs out straight. Engage your abs to flatten your lower back to the mat. Then slowly roll all the way up to a seated position, reaching the ball up to the ceiling. With control, slowly roll your spine down to the floor reaching the ball overhead, then repeat 15 times.

Medicine Ball Russian Twists – Next, come up to a seated position, still holding the ball in your hands. Lean back slightly keeping your chest lifted, then lift your heels off the mat to balance on your tailbone. Twist your torso and the medicine ball to the RIGHT, using the obliques, and then twist and rotate to the LEFT. Keep alternating side to side for 15 repetitions on each side.

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